Songdemo: „My Granddad“ von Dennis Schütze


My Granddad
Written by Dennis Schütze, for Ralph Earnest Schütze (1902-1964)

My Granddad was a player, a joker and a Jack of all trades,
He didn’t always play his cards right, but he knew when he had an ace.

Born 1902 in Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York City,
He was the oldest son of German salesman and woman nameless and pretty,
They named him Ralph Earnest and called him Boykey for the key he wore around his neck,
And one day they took a trip to Germany and they never made it back.

It was the Weimar Republic after World War One, the golden twenties in full swing,
And he lived his life and took a wife and he loved to talk and sing,
He claimed to be an engineer, a constructor of machines,
And steered his Adler automobile through the streets of old Berlin.

When Hitler came to power in nineteen-thirty-three,
He worked hard for a company and raised a family,
A daughter born in thirty-four and two more children after that,
But by then the marriage fell apart and one day he took his hat.

While trav’ling for the company he met a girl so young and fair,
She fell in love and he gave in and they started an affair,
My uncle born in fourty-two, my dad in fourty-three,
That’s when he played his ace out right and saved his families.

World War two had took its toll, Berlin was bombed down to the grounds,
With papers and passes in his hands he took them out of town,
He knew of a place deep in the south, a little village in the Alps and then,
He drove them down in his automobile, two women and five little children.

While Germany was burning up and the whole world was falling down,
He took care of his family and they came out save and sound,
After the war in fourty-seven they all returned to old Berlin,
And he tried to live a life again put just couldn’t fit in.

Times were hard and life just sad and along the way he lost his will,
He couldn’t find a turnaround and took to alcohol and pills,
With no perspective and no money, his days had turned to night,
And one day in post-war Germany he laid down to rest and died.

As a grandchild born in sev’nty-two I heard some of these stories,
Like how your children all admired you and how you never seemed to worry,
You were weak and strong and cool and soft and you cheated and you lied,
But when it was time to lay the cards down, you had played them right.

My Granddad was a player, a joker and a Jack of all trades,
And he knew when he had an ace.


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